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Junior Ezeonu is a passionate young man motivated by his community and determined to improve the lives of each Grand Prairie resident. He has served as a retail store clerk, youth basketball trainer, and currently a substitute teacher and tutor for low-income students throughout the DFW metroplex. These jobs may not have been generous in pay but they gave Junior the opportunity to learn and experience the day-to-day trials that many folks face here in Grand Prairie. And from those experiences a passion for public service developed and motivated Junior to serve his community. Junior believes that Grand Prairie has a bright future with the right leadership. Progressive Leadership that listens to the concerns of each resident and meets them where they are rather than lecture them about what they should be doing. Grand Prairie is a vibrant and beautiful city but there is so much more to be achieved, and this is possible if we move towards progress. Together we will increase funding for our public schools, focus on issues in our healthcare system that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and shore up our infrastructure.

Junior's Platform

Let's Build A Better

Grand Prairie

  • Healthcare-

    • I will also push to increase the number of city-wide free COVID-19 testing sites by partnering with both private and public entities, as well as increased accessibility to the COVID-19 vaccines for those who want them.

    • As a result of social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic many of our residents are suffering and would benefit from increased access to mental health services. I will fight to increase funding for these programs. 

  • Public Schools-

    • I will work with the school board and other local entities to increase funding for Public Schools.

      • ​Public Schools bridge the gap between the privileged and the underserved.

      • Public schools allow each and everyone of us to have the opportunity to make it in the world, and we must continue to commit to our promise of sustaining and improving them so no child gets left behind.

  • Infrastructure-

    • No resident of Grand Prairie should have to deal with potholes all over their street no matter the wealth or affluence of their neighborhood.

    • Every road in Grand Prairie must be in good standing regardless of its location on our map. Doing this will maintain the beauty of our city while attracting tourism and businesses.

    • I will also work to find solutions that will lead to reductions in toll road fees.